I'm back from OTAKON with the report & pics !!!

^___^ it was the best convention once again, Otakon is always great !

VAMPS!! autograph + concert (July 16, the day before Otakon)

Autograph session START at 2pm, but I went there around 11am, of course I expect many people that already waiting in the line! 55+

This is the line in front of me, I'm the 128th person in the line... I think 55+ :P It was an extremely sunny day, it was painful to wait. :(

The line behind me.. D:

Me, in the line.. 55+ :P

So, I wait til 2:30pm until I get Hyde + Kaz's autographs :D It was way too fast, they let people check hand with Hyde+Kaz then get the autographs then leave :( so I only get to see them for like.. 5 seconds.. sigh


yeah.. I had to buy VAMPS's CD in order for them to sign on it :o $20..

behind of VAMPS's CD :P

then.. I wait in the line from 3pm UNTIL 8pm for VAMPS's concert... yeah basically I waited all day for the concert :( I didn't get to take a pics in the concert, because no camera allowed period

This is the only video during the VAMP's concert that I found 55+.. the concert was CRAZYYYYY !!! Hyde always taking a break and talk with us! :D His english's accent is so funny ! 55+ And he took off his shirt when the concert almost end, yeah he was freaking sexy 55+ :p

Concert end around 11pm !... so it's time for Otakon ! (I had to walk to the convention for the pre-registered... but it was too late, so I stayed OVERNIGHT with no sleep ! stayed in the line with few friends :)

OTAKON !!!! Thursday late night (July16~17)

Basically, I had to wait in the line.. until Friday morning (the doors open at 8:30am) 55+ with NO SLEEP. But I was waiting in the line with few friends of mine :)

Me(right) and Seb, one of my best friend :) yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.. I had fun waiting in the line with few friends

Meg, Phil, Haley really cool friends of mine :) (by the way, those 2 guys were drunk, so they're acting really crazy.. 55+ )

Possibly, the best pic of today.. 55+ Phil was passed out (cuz he drunk :P ) and I love being in the middle 55+ :)

Friday Morning!!!!! when the doors about to open, some weird funny looking van came by to the convention... 55+ it was pretty random, but people loves that van :D

look at the line..... 55+ they're all waiting for the register to Otakon

yeahhhhh... really LONG line.. like you can see

sucks for you guys!! >____< 55+ but I already pre-registered ! :P

Convention of Otakon :)


Inside the convention... soooooooooo many people already :o But it's time to start talking pictures of Cosplayers ! :)

Master Roshi - DragonBallZ ..too good 55+

Luigi !! ..girl version! D:

Chaser - BioHazard 3

Fox - StarFox / C.Falcon - F-Zero ...sooooooo cool ^___^ 55+

Iron Man !!!!! anyone watch this movie ??? 55+ :p

Dark Magician(s)/Girl(s) ..pretty cool :D

really good Kaiba! :)

Mario + Peach classic.. :p

DJ K.K. - Animal Crossing! so cute 55+ :D

Yoshi !!!!

Clover.. freaking awesome!! O__O

Pit !

Miku - Vocaloid

Raccoon Mario.. 55+

Dealer's Room, basically a place that selling.. BUNCH OF ANIME+GAMES+MOVIES+MANGA STUFF :) yeah, be prepare to spend a lot of money here.. 55+

Possibly the biggest dealer's room you will ever see :p 55+

Then I went out to eat with friends.. :o for dinner

The convention is next to Baltimore Harbor :)

Harbor !


Otakon Day 2 !!!! Saturday (July18)

I went to the Game room (because I had to compete the Smash Bros Brawl tournaments :P yeah... I won once again)

Game room, yes... it's big 55+ just like dealer's room :p

cute <3

Roy + Marth! :D

Aeris, Yuffie, Zack - Final Fantasy :)

Look at the crowd during Saturday.. D: sooo many people..

Too many Kingdom Heart's cosplayers... 55+ D:

Jack - Nightmare before Christmas ! :o

Her dress is too good! :)

The Prince(s) - Katamari Damacy :D

another Marth :D

Zelda + Sheik with cool pose ! 55+ :)

Tifa + Riku

Mei Ling >__< ! from Card Captor Sakura

This girl was kinda mad when I asked her for a pic.. :/ 55+

Oh My Goddess ! :o

Best Cloud cosplayer that I found at Otakon.. :P too good!

Jack Sparrow !!! I saw this guy like every conventions that I go to >__<


I love being in the middle :P ! 55+ ..yeah those 2 are friends of mine :D

...then I went to the dinner

I had some yaki-udon :) pretty tasty! <3

Then me & my friends went to Masquerade (which is a shows from cosplayers)

It's like you watching a show in a theater, but these are cosplayers :)

Seb and Me :D yeah.. looks homo but he's a good friend 55+


Otakon LAST DAY!!!! :'( Sunday (July19)

I couldn't get that many pics of cosplayers today... but I tried my best :'( and the convention closed around 3-4 pm... so I don't get that much time

Ryuk - Death Note >___< soo cool ! 55+

a really good Elizabeth (Pirate of the Caribbean) :( but the pic was blurry... sigh

I realized that she wasn't a cosplayer.. 55+ but she has a nice dress :D

a meal that I had on sunday afternoon.. $11 :( yeah... it was rip off... :(

yeah.. she wasn't a cosplayer as well :o my mistake

...blurry pic again.. :'( this was also one of my favorite cosplayer

She's pretty :) ...but my timing at the picture was bad :(

Ashley Graham! from Bio Hazard 4 :D


That was my last pic of cosplayers... :'( it was the end of Otakon this year..

See you next year~! Otakon ! :D

yeah.. then I went home, I only bought like 2 shirts so far... so I'm happy that I have like $50 left in my wallet ^___^ 55+ (normally I would spend a lot of money at Otakon every year... )


So.. talked about tournaments that I won ^__^ 55+ I get 2 trophies again.. just like Otakon last year

2nd place in Brawl singles

1st Place in Brawl 4 players melee! :D

Yeah.. this video was from last year tournament at Otakon :D and I won


This Domo-kun shirt is so cool.... 55+ that's why I bought it! :P

another cool shirt that I bought :3 <3


yeah... Otakon was really amazing ^___^ ..that's why I post so many pics! 55+ Hope you guys enjoy all the pics (after you waiting for the long loading page.. >___< ! I'm sorry)

Please leave some comments ! :D I'll be very happy to read + response them !