Long time no pics ...lol so i have 2 topics for this time~ : )

PICS - Airport from US to Japan , and..from Japan to Thailand
PICS - J-rock festival last saturday (July1) ....i don't remember the name ..sorry - -;


June 20.. i have to going back alone =[]=...but that's fine ...just carried a lot of stuff + took a long time....

Dallas airport in US .........'w' mm not much stores ..so i have to waiting for 3hrs..

outside from the airport : )

i get a seat closed to window again.. : ) before the plane going..

my favorite snack~!!! =[ ]=)/ ...umm i wanna be fatty lol..
but it taste so good : ) but each person can get only 1....

first meal ....but the best meal - - Teriyaki chicken w/ rice , Zaru ramen , Chicken salad , bread w/ butter , Chocolate cookies... i'm fatty now ...-///-

..aww i loves the sky : )

second meal.... mm so so i get stomachache cause of this meal ....... like whole 10 hrs........
T_____T i felt so bad........


Japan~~!! ..at Narita airport

so tired....13 hrs...from US to Japan T__T
well i leave my stuff instant and going to shopping.. w/ some of my thai friend

Narita airport.. : ) looks familiar for me

a lot of stores.....=[]= ..but foods are not expensive.... cause no TAXES.. : )

...I loves boiled eels.....*[]* ..looks yummy

sweet snacks...... : ) good prizes

Ramens.... my favorite zone~! XD

Chicks.. : ) so cute but i have no choice.... i have to eat them :P

Mochi~ : ) i bought the third one..

..sigh Japanese restaurant ...wanna eat real japanese food but i still full up from meals on the plane.. T__T

tokyo banana~~ *o* ...i should buy it... but i have a lot of stuff to carry..... so T__T

japan have a lot of kitty stuff.. :P

after 3 hrs ...i have to leave from Japan ...T__T

6 more hrs.... from Japan to Thailand ...felt so sick cause of stomachache - -;
going my old house at 12.30 am..... -3-
the end lol


Pic of J-rock festivel at July 1... (last saturday)

i didn't took a lot of pics... but i met a lot of my friends.. : ) miss them so bad~
yea... that's all i'm so happy in that day : )

Jin + Angelus.. w/ j-rock costumes... luv them so bad~~~ *[]*

Domopen..lol + nancy.. : ) miss them a lot..

nancy + penpen took a pic by themself ... : ) cute smiling

..keep took a picture~ : )

so cute.. : )

~>__< cute again.. + luv the doll that she carried

one more....w/ sakura tree : ) luv it~

then i watched people dancing until the end..
i plan to go to Akiba for the first time after the festival end : )

penpen after dance.. : ) its tired..but shes seemed happy

hard to took this pic........- - cause of the kid.. go away...-3-

..mm that's all ^^;
hope u guys likes all of my pics~ *o*)/

i'll update soon after JUMP festival in july9 ..can't wait~ : )

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#5 by < @[infinity]@ > At 2006-07-04 18:04,
wow nice trip and kawaii omiyage I used to come to japan and have see some snacks in your pics.But that time I've not bought them so sad...
Mainichi event was so wet but great cosplayers
#4 by Koyuki hime At 2006-07-04 16:57,

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