I didnt update this blog so long once again....

I dont mind if not much people view.. i just want to post on here :)
I really miss thailand -3- but I had great times w/ my friends at school here ..which mean school here is so much better...
but finally....... school end :D summer time..! ( summer here is pretty hot like Thailand.. for real)

I have some pictures that from last day of my school :D

waiting for school's bell =] my friends sitting w/ me Jean (actually ..shes my girlfriend :3 ) & her friend (Kevin)

in Chinese class :D 2 of my friends Debora + Ashley (they both are Korean~)

Brent ..he looks so bored but he kinda quiet guy =]

still in chinese class.. Ashley + Ryan (hes chinese :3 )

555.. Ashley cover her face..i dont know why :P + Sarah (girl at right) shes chinese also :D

me: Jean, could i sleep on your shoulder ?
jean: ughh... alright..

me: ..this is so comfortable
jean: *blush* lol ^_____^,,

Steven ..hes Vietnamese =)

i love this girl name.. "Angel" :D she pretty funny..and shes so small like little girl.. 55+

at Geometry class =] this is Luna ..im not sure that where she from but i think shes half italian and something.. I like her hair :D

still at Geometry class ..me+Luna+Jean ^___^

when school end.. angel wants to take a pic of me & jean :D

sigh.. summer is good but i miss my friends so bad... -3-
mm ALSO my friends in thailand.. of course =] but some of them probably forget me already ... 55+

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โห .. ดองเป็นชาติเหมือนกันนะเนี่ย!

คิดถึงกาแฟจัง ^_______________^,,
ถ้าเข้ามาเห็นเมื่อไหร่ แวะไปทักทายให้ด่วนที่สุดเลยเน้อ ~~
#3 by Its me Berryz,, At 2007-12-24 01:32,
ไม่ได้เข้ามานานแล้วนะเนี่ย อิอิ นู๋โคฮีมีแฟนแว้ว น่าอิจฉาจังเลย><big smile
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wow your girlfriend is really nice
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