It's Cafe!!!! ^___^ I'm back again!

after I update background + other stuff in my blog, I decide to comeback to exteen again.
It's been a while last time I updated.

I'm still in U.S.A. :p this is my fifth year that I been living here.

I always going to Anime+Cosplay convention, so I have bunch of really cool cosplayers pictures that I took from my Camera ONCE AGAIN! ^__^ enjoy!

** It might take a long time to loading all the pictures ! so please, be patient ! but it's worth to wait ! trust me :P **



seems like an Elf :P

I love this one, it's cute!

Dejiko! I love her hairs color.. :3

This one is my favorite ^__^ I don't know where is character come from, but so cute!


Haruhi!, lol I love her expression.. :3

Yoshi! ..kind of scary lol :P

Kingdom Heart, there is so many of them... but this one is the best in my opinion :D

from Beatmania.. ? I'm not sure :o

Jack Sparrow! pretty cool.. :D

Rocket Gang! haha.. I love them :)

Captain Falcon ! ...so cooooooooooooool ! >__<

Holy crap... his shield is freaking AWESOME !! :P

Rabi en Rose! really cute. :)

I failed at taking the whole picture.. :'(

Zelda, Link, Ganondorf. Awesome! :)


Artists Ally, so many people... :o

The whole convention contain around.. 1600 people lol

random Maid.. lol

I don't remember the name of this character.. :(

Lucario! freaking amazing..! :D

at 2am.. in the morning but still a lot of people + cosplayers walking around lol

so cute :P


Dot Hack ?

I'm so sad... one of my favorite cosplayers picture is blurry.. :'(

and... last pic!

Kingdom Heart.


Thanks for your patient ! :D but I'm sure it's worth to wait.

I really love Katsucon this year, so MANY good cosplayers... :)

I think I'll update my blog like every months or 1-2 weeks ^__^ !

and for friends of mine in Thailand that wondering what am I doing these days in U.S. (because I barely talking to people in msn :'(

right now, I'm going to college first year and working ($10 per hour is not so bad >__

And during the weekend, I always going to game tournaments (yeah.. I'm a competitive gamer now :p )

anyway, hope you guys enjoy these cosplayers picture! and see you next time ! >.< /




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